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Jella Töbe

Tel.: 030 – 633 760 30


Rabbit pet sitting


Rabbits have been our customers ever since we started our pet sitting business in 2009. They are beloved pets in many Berlin homes, and we always enjoy making new bunny friends. We take care of your rabbits in your home where they are most comfortable. No shuttling your bunnies to a boarding place every time you travel. Keeping them in your home also minimizes the risk of parasite infestation.


Our bunny sitters are experts in their field and very familiar with the sensitivities of the rabbit’s digestive system. Many of our Hauptstadtpfoten rabbits live in outdoor housing year-round, so we’re very familiar with that setup as well. When taking care of your rabbits, whether indoors or outdoors, we strictly follow your guidance. After all, no one knows your bunnies better than you, for example what veggies they should and shouldn’t eat.


Since small animals are susceptible to certain problems and diseases, we always watch your rabbits closely and make hygiene our number one priority. Should something seem off, we let you know right away.


When taking care of your rabbits, we freshly prepare their daily greens. We also check their cage for wet spots and change the bedding or pillows as needed. In the summer, our pet sitters make sure your bunnies are staying cool, and in the winter we’ll give them extra bedding so they can get cozy. Exercise is important and we always give your rabbits lots of room to hop, run and play.


Questions? Need a rabbit pet sitter? Just send us an email and we’ll get right back to you. We’re excited to meet you and your bunnies!