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Jella Töbe

Tel.: 030 – 633 760 30


Welcome to Hauptstadtpfoten – Berlin’s in-home pet sitting service

May be there are times in your life in which you can’t provide the ideal care for your pet or you would like to enjoy a carefree holiday away from home?


We offer in-home pet sitting services for cats and small animals in Berlin – your pet will stay in your home, in their familiar surroundings. This is stress-free for your furry friend and you can enjoy your time away from home knowing your pets feel safe!


We regard pets as members of the family. Therefore, looking after your animals affectionately with the best care and attention and also considering their individual needs are our top priorities!


We offer a very personalized service to our clients. You know your pet best, so we pay special attention to your instructions in such a way that your pet’s daily routine is not disrupted.